The Journey Home


The Yoga Sutras are the perfect map for our journey home.

Home to ourselves.

The Yoga Sutras are a map that leads to "Self Knowledge" and all that phrase entails. It has been my personal experience that each sutra, and the infinite variety of combinations of sutras strung together, contain a depth that cannot be fully understood or experienced without engaging the study of Sanskrit and the practice of Sanyama.

While there is much to be gleaned from a first and superficial or purely intellectual approach, the practice that Patanjali offers, Sanayama, is the key to the map that is the Yoga Sutras. Sanyama as the key allows for reading and practical application of sutras as a essential part of an integrated study of yoga.

Each Sutra is a universe waiting to be discovered. Similarly, each sequence of sutras and non-sequential grouping of related sutras come together to open the practitioner's consciousness to the universe that lies within.

In Sanyama the journey begins with the elements as they exist in our own bodies. It is incredibly eloquent that the map (the Yoga Sutras) and it's key (Sanyama) set the stage for a journey inward - precisely where we exist. The elements that define our personal experience of existence are a perfect and divinely inspired starting point for our journey back to the source.

It is this eloquence that keeps me going, moving deeper and deeper. I see a fractal-like reflection in the asana, in the Sanskrit language, in the Yoga Sutras and the Sanyama practice they define. This beauty of form mirroring creation, when truly seen, is like the allure and perfect attractiveness of Krishna. His presence gives each Gopi all that she needs to be connected and  seen. In the same way I feel my studies and practices attract me with an irresistible impulse inward.

This is yoga, Sparkling and True.