Of Cows and Horoscopes


The universe desires to be discovered.

All around us, there is so much that remains unseen or misunderstood. The movement towards seeing it's hidden truths can be found in the practice of yoga. Yoga unfolds and points the practitioner in a certain direction when there are sincerity and reverence.

Can yoga "happen" without meditation and Sanskrit? I don't know. For me, Sanskrit chanting, the study of its grammar and meditation were the key to unfolding the mysteries, suffering, and joy that are the process that defines yoga. The practice of āsana alone would have cut my journey short and left me with only those truths that can be seen in the more gross aspects of existence.

As beautiful and healing as the early stages of my yoga practice were for me, asana was only a beginner's preparation for a movement into the deeper practices including the study and experiential practices offered in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Chanting the Yoga Sutras, studying the simple Sanskrit grammatical structures and practicing Sanyama the meditation described by Patanjali has drawn the universe to me.  The Yoga Sutras embody the practices of the Rishis, ancient sages who discovered the universe within themselves.

It is when we experience that which cannot be understood by the rational mind - when we surrender to a new perception - that the mystery begins to transform us. Here the sequential and non-sequential movements of the universe are seen. Then, like Yashoda seeing the universe in the mouth of baby Krishna, we can see the universe in all things - even in cows and horoscopes.