Sanyama Meditation – Patanjali Yoga

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras gives us the definitive description of Yoga. It offers us a precise inner mapping of the essential truths for strengthening awareness and being free from self-imposed obstacles. It is a crystal clear model of living consciously in the present, being sure of our path and our choices

The Yoga Sutras consists of 195 Sutras, or short aphorisms, which are divided into 4 books. They lay out a map that leads the student of yoga into the subtlest states of consciousness. Sanyama is the meditation practice described in the third chapter of the Yoga Sutras. The Bhuta Jaya (Mastery of the Elements) Sanyama offers a simple and clear way to experience the inward movement of consciousness by utilizing these ancient techniques.

Trishula’s ongoing meditation class offers the unique opportunity to experience Sanyama directly, through the application of specific sutras that outline this movement toward the subtle.  We will review and chant essential Sutras that outline the basics of the Sanyama practice as well as the Bhuta Jaya Sanyama. Then we will apply the sutras in a guided meditation practice.

This introduction to the Yoga Sutras and Sanyama Meditation is designed to provide a preliminary experience of the practices outlined by Patanjali. It is meant to be starting point for understanding the deeper meaning and purpose of the Yoga Sutras. This class is appropriate for both beginning and experienced meditators. No meditation experience is necessary.