It is our belief that raising Self-Awareness is the only path to true and lasting change within each individual and in the world. Our single goal is to support the concentrated and cumulative growth and striving of individuals that choose the path of an ongoing refinement of their own Humanity, thereby celebrating each individual as a manifestation of the depth of unitive consciousness.

We are dedicated to supporting those who choose to use their physical body, intellect and/or their emotional capacity toward developing a deeper and more integrated Awareness of Self. Trishula will offer a traditional three-pronged approach to the study and practice of yoga through class offerings of traditional Ashtanga asana practice, meditation, classical Sanskrit studies, ongoing study of Ancient Indian texts and philosophy and related healing modalities.

Through ongoing practice and study teachers and practitioners will share knowledge and healing modalities based on their own experience of striving for self -refinement. This organization will support the striving all Kula members personal development and refinement through ongoing self- study, asana practice, Sanskrit studies and meditation.